Glen Eira University of the Third Age

This is the Glen Eira U3A Membership System

General Covid safe requirements

  1. Do not attend if you are feeling unwell (fever, dry cough, tiredness).  To find a testing site near you, call the 24-hour hotline 1800 675 398.
  2. Cough or sneeze into a tissue or your elbow.
  3. Please download the COVIDSafe App prior to attending activities.
  4. Physically distance by keeping at least 1.5 metres from others.
  5. Wash your hands regularly.
  6. Keep a face mask with you when you leave home, and use it on public transport, and when you can’t physically distance.

Glen Eira main campus requirements for members 

  • If you arrive early, please wait outside until just before your class.
  • Please bring a water bottle and any food you require with you, as shared cutlery and crockery will not be available in the kitchen.
  • Enter through the main door.
  • Please use hand sanitiser available on the central tables.
  • Occupancy limits for each room have been set based on 2 square metres per person.
  • When attending U3A courses you must sign the system produced roll to assist with contact tracing.
  • At the end of the class, the tutor or assistant will spray touch points using the spray provided (which consists of 70% methylated spirits).
  • Please leave the building by the exit.
  • Please advise the office if you are subsequently identified to be Covid positive or asked to self-isolate as a potential contact.

We have set the capacity of each room in the Glen Eira main campus as 2 square metres per member.  This is consistent with government directions, but it requires every member attending face to face to sign the roll which has been printed from the UMAS enrolment system.  This will allow contact tracing if required.

In each external venue we have booked the venue, and will meet the requirements of the owner of the premises.  In some cases occupancy has been set at 4 square metres if required by the owner. 

Volunteers who are working in the office or at reception will be required to use the Q code to log in to record their attendance.

Glen Eira main campus requirements for tutors

  • Tutors will aim to keep the classroom environment Covid safe for their students.
  • Government requirements do not require masks to be worn in classes at present.  However physical distancing rules apply. 
  • Tutors may request additional requirements to ensure safety.
  • For face to face classes at the main campus, after the class, the tutor, or a designated volunteer, must ensure that the room is left in order and all tables, chairs and touch points have been sprayed with the spray provided (which consists of 70% methylated spirits). 

Any concerns about Covid safety should be referred to the Committee member on duty for each half day.

Some classes are continuing by using EMAIL, and online, by using ZOOM or SKYPE video conferencing. Classes using these methods can be identified by going to "View or select Courses" and checking "Location". The size of some of these online classes has been increased.

If you have been an active member of Glen Eira U3A at any time since 2014, you will have an existing member number and a password, and we will have your details in our database.

Membership fees should be paid at the time of enrollment.

Note: This applies to members who are only wait-listed for courses. You are paying for a membership of Glen Eira U3A, not a course fee.


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Welcome to the Glen Eira University of the Third Age Membership System

You can view the courses available for this year before joining or re-enrolling via the view Courses menu item. There are many courses to choose from to suit most interests and hobbies.

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