Monthly News – June 2023

Welcome to the last newsletter for this semester of 2023.  It has been a very busy first semester with a great response from our membership as Glen Eira U3A has come back from the effects of the closures caused by COVID. 

Please keep giving us information and ideas for our newsletters, as this seems to be working really well in keeping you informed about events and actions at Glen Eira. If you wish to have a brief news item included, please let us know at, or leave your message with the front desk marked ‘Attention Monthly News’.

Courses – What’s New?

There are some new short courses on offer and some vacancies in other courses. To enrol, you can log in at or email or phone the office on (03) 9572 0571.

Here are some available courses. The first of these is this semester so book now!

23DIS13 – How To Claim The Power Saving Bonus (2 weeks)

Tuesdays from 6/6/23 to 13/6/23; 9.30 to 12.00

The Power Saving Bonus (PSB) is a $250 payment by the Victorian Government to help ease cost-of-living pressures and encourage households to compare energy offers. The purpose of this special short course is to assist people in claiming their bonus payment.

23DIS12 – Development of an Australian Identity

Thursdays from 13/7/23 to 23/11/23; 9.30 to 11.30

Development of an Australian “Identity”, if such a concept exists, is the main focus of this course. From 1850 Pre-Federation up to the current period and the year of The Voice. While the content of the course will evolve in accordance with the interests of participants, discussion will recognise divergent opinions with tolerance and respect.

23DIS14 – Films & Film Makers – British Post War Films 1945-1959 (2 weeks)

Tuesdays from 11/7/23 to 18/7/23; 14.00 to 15.30

What defines a “British” film? The postwar period saw a Renaissance in British filmmaking. Influential filmmakers are discussed and a range of film clips are shown. After the first session, the tutor will provide links to noteworthy films to be discussed at the start of the second session.

23DIS15 – Films & Film Makers – Movies About Movies (2 weeks)

Tuesdays from 31/10/23 to 14/11/23; 14.00 to 15.30

This short course deals with films about the movie-making process, from Singin’ in the Rain to The Fabelmans, from Fellini to Almodovar.  Influential filmmakers are discussed and a range of film clips are shown. After the first session, the tutor will provide links to noteworthy films to be discussed at the start of the second session.

23GAM22 – Practice Bridge

Fridays from 14/7/23 to 24/11/23; 13.00 to 14.30

This course is designed for those who have completed one or more courses in Bridge but who are not ready for Supervised Duplicate Bridge. The course is a relaxed and judgement-free environment. Use your notes and discuss with the other players at your table to improve your skills. This course is not for experienced Bridge players who regularly attend a Duplicate Bridge game but for those who want to learn in a relaxed environment. 

23LIT08 – A Tour Of Australian Poetry (5 weeks)

Tuesdays from 11/7/23 to 8/8/23; 9.30 to 10.30

An overview of 2 centuries of Australian poetry. Its concerns, voices and its unique Australian idioms. The Australian character and voices will range from the serious, observational and simply funny. Participants will be encouraged to contribute their own pieces and memories of Australian poetry and poets.

Tutor Needed

We are looking for a tutor to take on the 23LANH02 Hebrew Advanced Class as the current tutor unfortunately will not be able to continue running the course. This weekly course is currently conducted via Zoom on Mondays at 11.45-12.45 and through to 20/11/2023.  This course could be run via Zoom or be held at the Glen Eira U3A campus. If you’re able to help, please contact

Semester Break

A reminder that Glen Eira U3A will be closed for a two week mid-semester break, starting on Monday 26 June, during which time there will be no classes and the office will be closed. Classes will resume on Monday 10 July.

Reporting Class Absences

Whenever you attend a class (whether on campus or elsewhere) it is important that you initial the attendance sheet each time. This is important for a number of reasons, including in the event of an emergency. It is the member’s responsibility, not the tutor’s, to ensure that they initial the class roll each time.

If you will be absent from a class, it is important to report your absence. This is not only a courtesy to the tutor but enables us to monitor the number of people attending. Members who do not report their absence for three consecutive sessions are subject to withdrawal from the class, particularly if there are members on the waiting list.

You can report your absence from a class yourself by going to the members website at After you log in (using your member number or email address), select My Absences from the left hand menu, select the courses from which you will be absent, the reason for your absence and the start and finish dates of your absence and then press Submit. Note that you can also check your current or upcoming absences from this page. We very much appreciate your efforts to report your absences online yourself, rather than calling the office, as this helps to relieve the burden on our office volunteers.

Stay Safe Over The Coming Months!


A reminder to everyone that COVID numbers are again going up with over 10,000 cases reported in Victoria in the past week, an increase of 15% from the previous week.  Members are urged to remember to self-test if they think they might have COVID; and if the test is positive, please stay home.


The second health alert for members is that of the current flu outbreak.  It is customary for flu cases to peak in winter but this year there is a particularly severe flu strain emerging.  One thing for certain is that there will be an influenza season, unlike 2020 and 2021 when COVID and its many restrictions severely affected influenza circulation. In 2022, influenza returned with a vengeance and will again circulate widely in 2023.  Consequently, it is strongly recommended that you get an influenza vaccination, as well as a COVID booster.

Closure of Neerim Road

As you know, Glen Huntly Road is currently closed between Manchester Grove and Grange Road, including the now-removed level crossing, and will remain closed until at least mid July 2023. The back gate to U3A continues to remain open; however, when accessing / leaving by the back gate, you cannot cross Glen Huntly Road by the old level crossing but need to walk along (past Woolworths) to the junction with Manchester Grove. 

As part of the next phase of the level crossing removal project, Neerim Road will be closed between Booran Road and Grange Road, including the Neerim Road level crossing, from Monday 29 May to late June 2023. It appears that (if driving) you will not be able to access Manchester Grove from the Neerim Road end. However, you can still turn left from Glen Huntly Road at Manchester Grove to reach the Woolworths car park and our campus. 

This map of Neerim Road and Glen Huntly Road, provided by the level crossing project group, illustrates the road closures and diversions for the period 29 May to late June, when both Neerim Road and Glen Huntly Road will be closed.

Glen Huntly Traders Doing It Tough

We know it’s hard for some of you to get to our Glen Eira U3A during the rail crossing removals but, when you are here, please think of our local Glen Huntly shop traders. They are experiencing very tough times. Take time if you can to get around the barriers and support their efforts to stay open and in business – buy your lunch or coffees or shoes or Asian groceries. They will appreciate the business and we want them to be around to serve us when the rail crossing works are completed. 

Building Maintenance and Renewal

A reminder that as the boards of our outdoor decking on both sides of our lobby are starting to lift and some of the support structure needs repair or replacement, we have arranged to have the repair work done during the two-week semester break from June 24 to July 9.

Membership Statistics

As of May 31, we have 1026 active members, including 757 women and 269 men, who were born in over 60 different countries and who have an average age of 75. We are pleased that our member numbers have improved from the recent low points caused by COVID and are hopeful that with an increasing number and variety of courses, we will be able to continue to attract both renewing and new members. Your help to “spread the word” about Glen Eira U3A is very much appreciated.

Members Lunch

May’s member lunch was again a successful event – though this time we should have had more of the Greek Salad!  Each event sees the question “Who provides the food?”  The answer is “It’s courtesy of Glen Eira U3A” but if you want to know where it comes from, please ask at reception. Please remember that during these lunches, Glen Eira U3A needs to remain fully compliant with the safe food handling requirements expected of us.

The next monthly members lunch will be held on Friday, 16 June at noon. Although intended primarily for members attending class at the Glen Huntly campus on that day, all members are welcome to attend. The lunches provide an excellent opportunity to meet and socialise with your fellow members. We are holding these lunches once a month, on a different day of the week each month. We expect the future lunches to be held on Friday 16 June, Monday 17 July, Tuesday 15 August, Wednesday 20 September, Thursday 19 October and Friday 17 November.


As you know, Glen Eira U3A is run entirely by volunteers, including all our tutors. Please consider doing your bit to contribute to the effort – whether it’s setting up, serving or clearing up after the members lunch, tidying up the kitchen or emptying the dishwasher, volunteering in the office or helping your tutor to set up or pack up your class room. Please do your bit to help the effort – it will be much appreciated!

Garden Club

There was a very productive and happy meeting of the gardening club in May with much less weeding than usual as our regular monthly meetings are breaking the back of the demands of the garden.  Our next challenge is to fully prepare the Bocce Court for use on fine days in the coming months.  A new laid surface and a final clearing of the grass will see it ready for use during the second semester. If you would like to help, please come and join us for our regular session on the third Friday of the month – our next meeting will be on Friday 16 June from 9 am to 11.30. This date coincides with the next members lunch.

Glen Eira City Council Events

Two upcoming events sponsored by Glen Eira City Council may be of interest to our members. Follow the links to the Glen Eira City website for more information:

Edible Garden Design Workshop is on Sunday 18 June from 11 am to 12.30.

Solar and Batteries Information Session is on Tuesday 20 June from 6.30 to 7.30 pm.

Updated Policies

Our Glen Eira U3A Policies have been reviewed and updated and can be found on our website at

The revised and updated policies are substantially similar to those previously in place. One change we have instituted is in the Terms and Conditions of Membership. In future, the annual membership fee will be payable within 7 days of enrolling in a class. Many of our classes are very popular and fill up quickly when enrolments open; however, a small but significant minority of our members do not pay their membership fee for an extended period after enrolling. The invoice for the annual membership fee is issued when you first enrol in a class for the year.  In fairness to all members, the invoice should be paid promptly or the space in the class made available to other members. In future, any enrolments (including waitlists) for which the membership fee has not been paid after 7 days will be deleted, so as to make the space available to a paying member.

Parking Reminder

A reminder to members that parking outside Glen Eira U3A is provided only in the strip of parking spaces alongside the U3A fence.  Please display your U3A Parking Permit, as this makes clear where the owner of the vehicle is.  Remember that parking during classes is limited and competitive, so please be considerate of others. You may park in the Woolworth’s general carpark but that is limited to 2 hours. However, if necessary, reception can provide you with a special temporary Woolworths Parking Permit that is good for three hours.