Most of our classes are held at our U3A building at 1151 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly:

Glen Eira U3A

1151 Glen Huntly Road
Glen Huntly, Victoria 3163

Please note that our building does not face Glen Huntly Road. Primary access to our building (whether by car or on foot) is via the Woolworths car park (at the rear of Woolworths) off Manchester Grove. Our building is also accessible on foot via a laneway that runs north from Glen Huntly Road (across from Glen Huntly station) to our back gate.

Restrictions apply to parking at the Glen Huntly campus. If you drive sometimes, you should obtain a U3A annual parking permit from the office.

If you need to park for up to 2 hours, you may park anywhere in the Woolworths car park. If you are parked directly in front of the U3A fence, display your U3A parking permit.

If you need to park for up to 3 hours in the Woolworths car park, you can request a 3 hour permit from the reception desk and display it in your car. You must return the 3 hour permit before you leave.

If you need to park for more than 3 hours, you should only park in front of the U3A fence and display your annual U3A parking permit.

Members not adhering to or exceeding the parking restrictions could be fined by the car park operator and payment of such fines is the responsibility of the member concerned.

Glen Huntly Road: Tram route 67, stop 60 (corner of Manchester Grove) is approx. 200 metres; Glen Huntly Station and tram route 67, stop 61 is approx. 400 metres (via Manchester Grove) or 200 metres via back laneway.

We also use a number of offsite locations, as follows: