Monthly News – December 2023

Welcome to the December 2023 monthly newsletter.

2024 Course Offerings

We already have 138 course offerings for 2024 – with 88 long (full year) courses and 50 short courses. We will be adding more short course offerings in 2024 and, as we do so, we will let you know through our website at and in each 2024 Newsletter.

If you are passionate about a subject and are interested in conducting a short course (a short course could be one session or more), please use this link to email the Course Coordinator.

Language – French55
Language – German11
Language – Hebrew22
Language – Italian77
Language – Spanish66
Language – Yiddish22

o  Long course = full year course

o  Short course = any course less than a full year, e.g. a semester or a single session.

When Can I Enrol for 2024 Courses?

The Office will re-open on 15 January 2024 and will be open from 9.00am to 3.30pm, Monday to Friday.

Members can enrol for 2024 courses starting at 9 am on Wednesday 17 January 2024.  Enrolment can be completed online at or alternatively, we will provide assisted enrolment, at the same time and date (9 am on 17 January) onsite at 1151 Glen Huntly Road, for those members who do not feel confident in registering and enrolling online.

Enrolments will initially be limited to 4 courses (not more than one of which may be from each of the categories of Art, Dance, Exercise, Games and each Language).

The limited enrolment period will continue for one week from 17 January until Wednesday 24 January 2024 at which time additional enrolments will be possible, to include a total of 5 long (full year) courses with no restriction as to categories and multiple short courses.

The membership fee for 2024 is $70.00. This fee is due no later than 7 days after first enrolling. If the membership fee is not paid within 7 days, your enrolments (including any wait lists) are subject to cancellation to allow other members to enrol. You can pay your annual membership fee via credit card, EFT, PayPal, cash or cheque.

Senior Digital Literacy – Short Courses Planned for 2024

A number of our Glen Eira U3A tutors and members attended training in November and December for a Senior Digital Literacy Program and they will be offering short courses for our members in 2024.

The focus of these short courses will be “Going Online For Your Everyday Activities”. Some of the topics will include:

  • Online security and privacy
  • Conducting some of your everyday activities online
  • Paying your utilities online
  • Banking online

Keep an eye out for these short courses as they will be very popular. These short courses will be advertised through our website at and in each 2024 Newsletter.

Other News to Close Out 2023

Although the semester finished on Friday 24 November, there are still things happening, both to finish off the year and to prepare for 2024.

o  During 2023, we had 153 courses and there are five Summer Schools currently underway during December and January.
o  Our Office Volunteers and Committee Members attended First Aid Information Sessions at the end of November and in early December. This included learning CPR skills and how to use the defibrillator.
o  Our Glen Eira U3A decking, which was replaced in July, will be sanded and oiled later this month.
o  Some of our Art Tutors and their course members have been cleaning up and repainting the Art Room.
o  The Railway Crossing work on the station carpark and the back laneway from our Glen Eira U3A campus to Glen Huntly Road is nearing completion. The drainage work is complete, the curbing laid and the carpark and laneway are now being repaved. This picture, taken on Friday 8 December 2023 from our back gate, shows the paving work in progress.
 Rear laneway to Glen Huntly Road