Monthly News – February 2023

This month introduces a monthly news sheet to generally inform you about what is happening at the Glen Eira U3A.  This does not replace the quarterly New Horizons Newsletter.  Tutors, if you wish to make a more generalised announcement to a wider audience than your classes, please send the notice to the following address:, or leave your message with the front desk marked ‘Attention Monthly News’.

Key Returns Please 

We are calling for anyone who is holding a building key for the Glen Huntly building to please make sure that the office has a record of you having that key.  If you were issued it sometime earlier and no longer require keeping it, we would really appreciate the key being returned. 

Garden Club

The Garden Club is back in action, the Shed has been cleaned and the first major tidy up has taken place.  The next meeting of the gardeners will be on Friday 3 March, from 9am through to 11.30 if you are interested in joining up.  It is logged as a course so you may put your name down, turn up and we will be delighted to see you.  The following month after we have finished at the U3A, you will be invited to visit a garden for some refreshments.

Hearing Australia Van Visit

Members may have noticed, if they were in the building on the 7th that the Hearing Australia bus was visiting.  The numbers who made use of the hearing services, testing hearing, and providing advice were very pleasing and so the bus will be back again later in the year.  There may be other mobile services of interest to members, if you have some ideas, please let the front office know or tell a committee member.

Speaking of the Committee Members, the 2023 Committee will be listed shortly with updated photographs.  Always remember that they, like you, are members and volunteers.  They are more than willing to listen to your ideas and to keep building the Glen Eira U3A, helping to make our U3A work smoothly and happily.

Monthly Member Light Luncheons

Starting on the 27th February we will have a light lunch provided to those members who are present on the day.  There is no charge for the lunch, and we would like as many as possible to stay and talk after the morning classes.  For those who are attending a ZOOM class that day, you are very welcome to come in and join others at the lunch.

Calling for Editor of New Horizons

The Committee is asking if any member might be interested in taking over the Editorship of the ‘New Horizons’, our quarterly News Magazine.  This is a great opportunity for someone to bring a range of ideas to our members’ attention and to help support the work of tutors through providing supplementary articles to some of the courses we run.  The Magazine is a great vehicle for tutors to showcase courses or to reach a wider range of our membership.  At the end of the day, it is through finding out about topics that we can keep building our membership.

Parking Reminder

A reminder to members that parking outside the U3A is provided only in the strip of parking spaces alongside the U3A fence.  Please display your U3A Parking Permit, as this makes clear where the owner of the vehicle is.  Remember that parking during the classes is competitive, so take care out there. You may park in the Woolworth’s general carpark but that is limited to two hours. Reception can provide you with a special temporary Woolworths Parking Permit that is good for three hours, if necessary.