Monthly News – January 2024

Welcome to the January 2024 Newsletter.

When Will The Glen Eira U3A Office Open?

Our Glen Eira U3A office will re-open on Monday 15 January 2024 and will remain open thereafter on Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. We will be providing assisted enrolments at 1151 Glen Huntly Road on 17 January 2024 for those members who, for whatever reason, are unable to enrol online. We would be happy to see you.

Glen Huntly Level Crossing and Re-Building

We are pleased to report that work on the removal of the Glen Huntly level crossing and re-building of Glen Huntly Station is almost complete. The laneway from our back gate to Glen Huntly Road has been re-paved and can now be used by our members. The adjacent station car park is open and extends from Glen Huntly Road to Neerim Road. Take a look on the website. Please note that the car park is for use only by ‘commuters directly interchanging to rail or other public transport system’.

Our Glen Eira U3A Membership

We finished the year with 1,090 members, a creditable achievement after the dip in numbers brought about by Covid. Our continued well-being, particularly financially, is very much dependent on our membership numbers – the more members we have, the more membership fees we receive and the greater our ability to maintain and enhance our facilities.

If you have friends or relatives that you think would enjoy what Glen Eira U3A has to offer, please encourage them to consider joining us. We continue to believe that, for an annual membership fee of $70, we offer an outstanding range of courses.

2024 Courses and Enrolments

We already have over 140 course offerings for 2024. We hope to be adding more as the year progresses and, as we do so, we will let you know through our website and in each 2024 newsletter.

Enrolments for 2024 open at 9.00 am on Wednesday 17 January 2024. You should have recently received an email with all the details. If you have any questions, please use this link to email us.

Volunteering At Glen Eira U3A

As an entirely volunteer-supported organisation, with no paid staff, we rely on our members to provide the support we need. In addition to course-related activities, we rely on our members to volunteer their time and expertise to help and support all the tasks that go into managing and maintaining Glen Eira U3A.

We have added several new ‘courses’ related to these activities. We are keen to use the experience and expertise of our members in the areas of marketing, newsletter development and distribution, development and maintenance of the website, identifying and pursuing grant funding opportunities and the maintenance of our physical facilities. If you can help in any of these areas, please sign up for the relevant ‘course’ activity and we will contact you to discuss your involvement.

This is a great opportunity to participate in a small team of like-minded members committed to helping Glen Eira U3A prosper and grow. If you would like to know more about what this might entail, please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. 

The following have been setup as “ongoing short courses” (note the day and times are placeholders only):

  • 24AAV01 – Volunteer: Building Maintenance Team
  • 24AAV02 – Volunteer: Grants Management Group
  • 24AAV03 – Volunteer: Health, Safety & Member Welfare Committee
  • 24AAV04 – Volunteer: Marketing and Events Team
  • 24AAV05 – Volunteer: Newsletter Management Group
  • 24AAV06 – Volunteer: Website Management Team

Do You have An Idea For A Course?

We are always on the lookout for new (or old) courses that would be of interest to our members. If you have an idea for a course or an activity that you would like to see or lead at Glen Eira U3A, please let the Course Coordinator know. Courses do not necessarily require ‘expertise’. Rather, they can be social or activity-driven and may just need somebody to ‘get it organised’. Maybe that could be you!

Health Advice – Epidemic Thunderstorm Asthma

Grass pollen season brings an increase in asthma and hay fever. It also brings the chance of thunderstorm asthma. For people with asthma or hay fever, especially those who experience wheezing or coughing with their hay fever, thunderstorm asthma can be sudden, serious and even life threatening. Protect yourself this pollen season as managing asthma and allergies matters. For more information, visit the Better Health Channel.

  • If you’ve ever had asthma – talk to your doctor about what you can do to help protect yourself from the risk of thunderstorm asthma, including updating your asthma action plan. Remember, taking an asthma preventer properly and regularly is key to preventing asthma, including thunderstorm asthma.
  • If you have hay fever – see your pharmacist or doctor for a hay fever treatment plan and check if you should have an asthma reliever puffer – which is available from a pharmacy without a prescription.
  • It’s important for everyone in the community to know the four steps of asthma first aid so they know what to do if they, or someone else, is having an asthma attack.
  • Finally, where possible, avoid being outside during thunderstorms, especially during the winds that precede them. Go inside and close your doors and windows. If you have your air conditioning on, turn it on to recirculate.