Monthly News – March 2023

Our second issue of the monthly newsletter opens with thanks to all those who have commented on receiving the first update.  Your suggestions and ideas are all gratefully received.  Anybody wishing to have brief news items included are reminded you can send these to:, or leave your message with the front desk marked ‘Attention Monthly News’.

Members Lunch

Thank you to all who joined us for lunch this past Monday. We had a better than expected turn out and apologise (particularly to the Meditation Class) for running out of the hot food.  Our next lunch will be on Tuesday 21 March – we hope to see the Tuesday classes well represented at this lunch. 

Garden Club

A reminder that this coming Friday is the next meeting of the Gardening Club, Friday 3 March, from 9 am through to 11.30, if you are interested in joining us.  It is logged as a course (23SOC01) so you may put your name down, turn up and we will be delighted to see you.  I hope members have noticed that we have contracted in to have some of the heavier work clearing and cleaning the garden. The overall plan is to slowly transform the garden to one that is drought resistant and mainly Australian natives. 

Memorial Bench

Members will notice that we have placed within the front garden a Memorial Bench to acknowledge all those members who have passed on. 

Gift of Sight

If you have spectacles that you no longer need, why not donate them? Lions Club recycle spectacles to those in need in the third world and give the gift of sight for someone. We have a box in the reception area for donated spectacles or please leave them at Reception. Your donation will be greatly appreciated.

Want to practice French or Spanish for Beginners?

Come and join groups who will practice French or Spanish for beginners (23LANF05 and 23LANS06). Learn some basic French or Spanish language skills that relate to everyday life from basic communication while travelling to ordering in a restaurant.  Develop your confidence in speaking another language at a simple level, it is the best way to begin, and shows the people of the country you are visiting that you are trying to speak their language as well as enjoying your visit to their country.

Do you have some experience with Pastel Drawing?

Are you happy to work independently and share the joys of your experience with like-minded artists? Come and join 23ART14 Pastel Drawing – Self Managed. There will be no instruction or technique advice provided as this is a self-managed group who work independently and share ideas and inspire each other. 

Here’s a card game to challenge you – try Bolivia (23GAM15)

Bolivia is a canasta variation that has many similar rules to canasta. Canasta uses a set of 7 cards of the same value. A Bolivia is a set of 7 wild cards. If you have played canasta – Bolivia is the next step. 

Parking Reminder

A reminder to members that parking outside the U3A building is provided only in the strip of parking spaces alongside the U3A fence.  Please display your U3A Parking Permit, as this makes clear where the owner of the vehicle is.  Remember that parking during the classes is competitive, so take care out there. You may park in the Woolworth’s general carpark but that is limited to two hours. Reception can provide you with a special temporary Woolworths Parking Permit that is good for three hours, if necessary.