Monthly News – May 2023

We hope that this monthly news sheet is helping members to feel better informed about matters at our U3A. We are grateful for all suggestions from members about key events or happenings.  If you wish to have a brief news item included, please let us know at:, or leave your message with the front desk marked ‘Attention Monthly News’.


Are you passionate about a particular subject or have a skill or craft that you could share with others? Have you thought of facilitating a short course? We can help – contact

Here are some interesting and informative new short courses that are now on offer – take a look and enrol now as they are filling fast.

  • 23EXE14 “Jacki on Tour” – Walking In Melbourne (fortnightly – 4 sessions) – Sundays from 7/5/23 to 18/6/23

Join “Jacki on Tour” as she leads you through the City of Melbourne on guided walking tours. Each fortnight, you will discover some hidden, and not-so-hidden gems. Each walk will be approximately one hour at a pace to enable time to “look and learn” at each designated location.

  • 23GAM20 Fearless Sudoku (2 sessions) – from 18/5/23 to 25/5/23

Fearless Sudoku – it’s logic not maths. Join the fray of solvers – we will be starting easy and learning strategies over this 2-week course. We will also be having fun and exercising your brain.

  • 23SCI03 Geology of Building Stones (1 session – Tuesday 30/5/23)

Observations in Victoria and England. This session will focus on the value of building stones, where different stones are used and what each teaches you about geology. It will initially focus on Victoria and then to England, the buildings that use the different types of stones and what fossils you may find in the stones.

  • 23HIS09 The Shakers (2 sessions from 8/8/23 to 15/8/23)

The “Shakers” originated in England and established their first settlement in America in 1774. Famous for their fine furniture and ecstatic behaviour during worship services, this millenarian Christian sect numbered 6000 members by 1840 living in 19 settlements across the eastern states of America. 

  • 23HIS10 The Medieval Pilgrimage (3 sessions from 29/8/23 to 12/9/23)

During the Middle Ages, undertaking a Pilgrimage to one, if not more, of the holy sites throughout Christendom was a goal that every person, regardless of social standing, sought to fulfill. The three main destinations of Christian pilgrimage were Jerusalem, Rome and Santiago de Compostela.

  • 23LIT09 Eleanor Aquitaine’s Perspective (2 sessions from 10/8/23 to 17/8/23)

Week 1: Discussion will cover two aspects of Eleanor Aquitaine’s life: from Queen of France to Queen of England. Week 2. Discussion will cover the minutiae of the 12th century and will cover the research done to make the era and the tutor’s books more ‘real’. 

We also have available places in other courses – here are a few of them. Check our website for availability in other courses – go to

  • 23ART12 Creative Painting – self-help – weekly on Fridays – 12.30-3.00
  • 23GAM05 Mah Jong Experienced (Friday) – weekly on Fridays – 12.30-3.00
  • 23ART 14 Pastel Drawing – self managed – fortnightly on Wednesdays – 1.15-3.00
  • 23GAM03A Learn How To Play Lawn Bowls – short course – Thursdays – 2.00-4.00


If you are unwell or have symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, suffering from a cold, please give your apologies and do not attend your class. You can report your absence from class yourself by logging in to the members’ site and selecting ‘My Absences’ from the lefthand menu. Doing this yourself, rather than calling or emailing the office to request them to do it for you, helps to reduce the burden on our office volunteers. Any time you call the office and leave a voicemail message, please be sure to include your member number in the message.

In the coming months, there are some ways to help protect you and others:

  • Wash your hands or use hand-sanitiser
  • Cover your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing and wear a mask
  • Avoid touching your nose, eyes or mouth with unwashed hands
  • Avoid sharing cups, plates and cutlery
  • Stay away from people who are sick
  • Contact your doctor as soon as possible if you get flu symptoms

If you have not yet had your flu shot, we encourage you to contact your doctor or pharmacy.


The next monthly members lunch will be held on Thursday, 18 May at noon. Although intended primarily for members attending class at the Glen Huntly campus on that day, all members are welcome to attend. The lunches provide an excellent opportunity to meet and socialise with your fellow members. 

April saw a great attendance at the members’ lunch, which was excellent and everyone seems to enjoy these moments together. Because we don’t require reservations, for catering purposes we have to estimate the number of members who will attend. In April, we catered for 60 people, as Wednesday usually has about that number on campus around lunchtime but unfortunately we ran out of food. Please remember that the food is for all members in attendance to share and be considerate of others so that everyone who wants to is able to have some lunch.


A reminder that the next meeting of the Garden Club will be on Friday 19 May, from 9 am through to 11.30, followed by coffee and cake.  It is logged as a course (23SOC01) so you may put your name down or just turn up and we will be delighted to see you. The efforts of the Garden Club have made a significant difference to the garden. As we continually work to improve the garden, the overall plan is to slowly transform our Campus garden to one that is drought resistant and mainly Australian natives.


As you know, Glen Huntly train station has been closed since March 31, 2023. It is expected to reopen – new and re-built – sometime in August 2023. You should have received an email from us recently about the “big dig” due to start soon that will drop the rail line into a 1.2 km long trench and with it, the removal of the Glen Huntly Road and Neerim Road level crossings. Road closures and diversions will impact your ability to access our Campus. For more details, please refer to the email that was sent to all active members on 24 April. Further information can be found on the Big Build website.


A reminder to members that parking outside our U3A building is provided only in the strip of parking spaces directly next to the U3A fence.  You must display your U3A Parking Permit. Remember that parking during classes is limited. You may park in the Woolworths’ general carpark but that is limited to two hours. However, reception can provide you with a special temporary Woolworths Parking Permit that is good for three hours, if necessary.