Monthly Update – April 2024

Welcome to the April 2024 Monthly Update.

Join us at the Glen Eira U3A Art Exhibition!

Don’t miss this vibrant celebration of creativity!

Here is a great opportunity for members in our art and craft courses to showcase their talent.

  • When: 12th to 14th July 2024 during the semester break
  • Where: Glen Eira U3A venue, 1151 Glen Huntly Road, Glen Huntly
  • Official opening: Saturday, 13th July 2024 at 14.00
  • Special Guest: Mayor of Glen Eira, Cr Anne-Marie Cade
  • Who can attend: Members and open to the public
  • Artwork Entries: Invited from all Glen Eira U3A art and craft class members
  • Categories: Painting (oil, acrylic, watercolour, pastel), Drawing, Clay Modelling, Knitting, Macrame, Collage, Mixed Media
  • Art Registration: Details coming soon!
  • Advertising: Local press and social media
  • Prizes: To be awarded in all categories

Want to Help? If you’d like to help with the organising and setup of the Art Exhibition, simply enrol in course 24ART07: Volunteer – Art Exhibition Team and we will be in touch

Reminder – Upcoming Events

We have our 2024 concerts towards the middle of the year. These concerts, held at our Glen Eira U3A venue, showcase the skills of our tutors and members. These are the concerts:

Recorder Concert – Sunday 19 May 2024, 15.00

Choir Concert – Sunday 23 June 2024, 13.30

We will also have the Hearing Van visit our venue again.

Hearing Van – Tuesday 21 May 2024, 9.00am.

Hearing Australia will provide free hearing checks on this day. We will advise when bookings are open.

Go Online: Get Started

The first of our Digital Literacy beginner courses is now available for enrolment.

Enrolments can be completed online at or alternatively, the Glen Eira U3A Office, at 1151 Glen Huntly Road, open from Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. We can provide assistance to members including those members who, for whatever reason, are unable to enrol online. We would be happy to see you.

Here is the course title, the description of the beginner course and the process that will be followed.

24COM07 – Go Online: Get started (express interest)

This Go Online: Get Started (express interest) offers participants the opportunity to express an interest in attending a beginner level course. Once you enrol, you will work with our Glen Eira U3A tutors to complete a questionnaire (either face to face or via phone). The purpose of the questionnaire is to enable the tutor to confirm the device (Apple or Android) that you use, to undertake an individual assessment of your needs and to match you to the appropriate course.

The beginner courses that will be offered are Go online: Get Started (Apple devices) and Go online: Get started (Android devices). These courses will cover what you need to know to get started online. The courses cover:

  • Basic terminology and concepts
  • Using your device
  • How to get online, navigate to a website and do a basic search
  • Basic security to stay safe online

It might be that member skill levels are more suited to our intermediate level short courses which will be coming later in the year. Examples of these short courses are:

  • Using emails: how to compose, send and receive
  • Advanced Internet
  • Messaging, e.g. WhatsApp
  • Saving pictures and downloading files
  • Online Shopping
  • Bill Paying (e.g. rates and utilities)

Beginner level: Tutors are Rachel Van Run and Susan Weser and supported by Larraine Czerniewicz, Maria Frederic, Aaron Blicblau and Silvia Segev.

There will be 4 sessions: Tuesday 28 May, Tuesday 4 June, Tuesday 11 June, Tuesday 18 June

Our 2024 Courses and Enrolments

There are still positions available in our other courses. Here are some to consider:

  • 24ART04: Watercolours: Colour Mixing (Tuesday, 10.00)
  • 24ART06: Watercolour Painting: Self Help (Tuesday 13.00)
  • 24DIS01: News – Your Views (Zoom) (Monday 10.00)
  • 24DIS03: The Ancient Wisdom (Zoom) (Tuesday, 19.30)
  • 24DIS12: Understand and Navigate Climate Change (Wednesday, 14.00)
  • 24DIS21: Women Who Made A Difference (Friday 10.00)
  • 24GAM13B-24GAM13H: Golf Croquet (multiple dates, Thursday 11.00)
  • 24GAM16: Come and Play 500 (Tuesday 9.30)
  • 24HIS09: Writing a Family History (Monday 11.15)

Health, Safety and Wellbeing – Some Thoughts

Our Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee, comprising volunteers from our members and Committee of Management, will be sharing information with our members in each Monthly News Update. This month, our focus is on:

  • Emergency Evacuation – take time to review the Emergency Evacuation diagrams that are located in each classroom and note the nearest venue exit and assembly point in case of emergencies. Tutors should also ensure that Attendance Folders are signed and take this Attendance Folder with them should we need to evacuate the venue – this is important to know who is present at the venue.
  • Access to and within our venue – please keep all doors and walkways (internal and external) clear. This includes bikes being left on the walkways, chairs in the hallways and anything that impedes the venue or classroom entry/exit. Also, fire extinguishers should be easily accessible so please do not put anything in front of them.