Monthly Update – March 2024

Welcome to the March 2024 monthly update.

Current News

Following the flurry of enrolments in January, the first month of 2024 courses got off to a flying start in February.

Amongst our 150+ courses are 19 related to art and craft. You’ve probably noticed some of our members’ artwork on display around the building. After a gap of several years, we’re again planning to hold an art exhibition, during the mid-year break in July (see Upcoming Events below). This is a great opportunity for the general public to see what we do, to raise our profile within the community and to attract new members.

In addition to our army of dedicated tutors and office volunteers, we’ve initiated six volunteering groups (Building Maintenance; Grants Management; Health, Safety & Welfare; Marketing & Events; Website Management; Newsletter). Most of these six teams are now up and running and doing excellent work, with a wealth of creative ideas on how to further improve Glen Eira U3A. The number of teams has now grown to seven, with the inclusion of a dedicated Art Exhibition team.

If you’re interested in helping out, we encourage you to seriously consider joining. These groups are set up as ‘volunteering courses’ (24AAV01 – 24AAV07). Simply enrol in any volunteering course that piques your interest and we’ll be in touch.

Coming in late March – ‘Go Online: Getting Started’

On the technology front, which of the following best describes you?

  • Do you feel intimidated and overwhelmed with all the jargon and feel like you’ve missed the technology boat?
  • You have a personal email address but you have someone else manage your emails, e.g. your children?
  • You’re familiar with the basics but you want to be more proficient using email and using the internet to search for things of interest to you?
  • You’re quite tech-savvy now, but you want to do even more advanced things such as signing up for MyGov, using online banking or paying your bills online?

Whatever your digital skill level, by attending our Digital Literacy Program, you will grow your confidence and knowledge in a fun and relaxed setting.

What’s covered in the beginner course ‘Go Online: Getting Started’

This beginner course covers all you need to know to get started online. You will learn:

  • Basic terminology and concepts
  • Using your device
  • How to get online, navigate to a website and do a basic search
  • Basic security to stay safe online

This is a beginner course and intermediate and advanced courses will be offered later in the year.

What do I need to do?

When the course is available and advertised in late March, you should enrol in the course: Go Online: Getting Started. Enrolling in this course is your “expression of interest” to attend the course.

What happens after I enrol?

You will be contacted by our Glen Eira U3A digital literacy tutors who will work with you to complete a questionnaire (either face to face or via phone or by sending you a link to the questionnaire).

This is the initial step and will enable an individual assessment of your needs and match you to the appropriate course and then we will either complete your enrolment in the beginner course or advise you if you are better suited to the intermediate or advanced level courses coming later in the year.

Watch out for this course becoming available in late March.

Our 2024 Courses and Enrolments

We have added more short course offerings:

  • 24DIS21 – Women Who Made A Difference – Friday 19 July to 20 September, 10.00-11.30
  • 24SOC05 – Rail Trips: Train Trip to Ballarat – Sunday 21 July, 8.50-17.45
  • 24SOC06 – Rail Trips: Train Trip to Geelong – Sunday 15 September, 8.50-17.45

New courses will be advertised through our website at and in each 2024 Monthly Update.

There are still positions available in a number of courses. Our website has a list of currently available courses.

Here are some courses to consider:


24ART06 – Watercolour Painting: Self Help (long course, Tuesday, weekly)
24ART11 – Create with Montage/Mixed Media (short course, Thursday, monthly)


24DIS12 – Understand and Navigate Climate Change (short course, Wednesday, weekly)
24DIS15 – Aussie Humour & The Little Guy (short course, Thursday, weekly)
24DIS17 – Class & Success in Egalitarian Australia (short course, Thursday, weekly)
24DIS19 – Update: Aged Care Developments (Zoom) (short course, Sunday, monthly)


24GAM14 – Practice Bridge (long course, Friday, weekly)
24GAM16 – Come and Play 500 (short course, Tuesday, weekly)
24GAM17 – Bowls with a Difference (South Caulfield) (short course, Monday, weekly)


24HIS05Z – 19th Century: Rise of Nationalism (Zoom short course, Tuesday, weekly)
24HIS06Z – Islands & the Part They Play (Zoom short course, Tuesday, weekly)
24HIS09 – Writing A Family History (short course, Monday, weekly)
24HIS10 – Local History of Glen Eira (short course, Wednesday, weekly)


24LANG01 – German Conversation (long course, Wednesday, weekly)
24LANI01 – Italian: Intermediate 1 (long course, Wednesday, weekly)
24LANI03 – Italian: Advanced (Zoom long course, Friday, weekly)
24LANS06 – Fluency In Spanish (long course, Monday, weekly)


24LIT07 – Create A Picture Book (short course, Friday, weekly)


24SCI01Z – Biology (Zoom long course, Friday, fortnightly)

You can complete enrolments online or at the Glen Eira U3A Office at 1151 Glen Huntly Road, open from Monday – Friday from 9.00 am to 3.30 pm. We can provide assistance to members including those members who, for whatever reason, are unable to enrol online. We would be pleased to see you.

Upcoming Events

We have two 2024 concerts towards the middle of the year. These concerts, held at our Glen Eira U3A venue,  showcase the skills of our tutors and members:

  • Recorder Concert – Sunday 19 May 2024, 3.00pm
  • Choir Concert – Sunday 23 June 2024, 1.30pm

Also coming is:

  • Hearing Van – Tuesday 21 May 2024, 9.00am. Hearing Australia will provide free hearing checks. We will advise when bookings are open.

Art Exhibition

  • Glen Eira U3A Art Exibition – Friday 12 July through to Sunday 14 July, including official opening by Mayor of Glen Eira at a ceremony on Saturday 13 July.

Health, Safety and Welfare – Some Thoughts

Our Health, Safety and Welfare Committee wishes to bring to your attention the following information:

  • Member Badges – it is important to wear your member badge as it not only indicates that you are a current and paid member but it also includes emergency contact details. Please take a moment to check your member badge to ensure that the details are correct. If not, please come to our Reception and advise the correct information. A replacement member badge will be provided.
  • Attendance Folder – don’t forget to initial the Attendance Folder when you attend a class. It is imperative to know who is present at the venue should we have an emergency, and we need to evacuate the venue. If you are to be absent from a class, you must register your absence. This can be done online. Go to and after you log in (using your member number or email address), select My Absences from the left hand menu, select the course from which you will be absent, the start and finish dates and then press Submit. We very much appreciate your efforts to report your absences online. If you are unable to do this online and must have us do it for you, you can send an email to or contact Reception.
  • First Aid Kits are available in Reception if needed by any tutors or members. Our Office Volunteers have attended First Aid Information Sessions and can assist in any incident.